Terms and conditions of use

  • User rights and responsibilities
    • Proper or expected usage; potential misuse = As a member you agree to provide accurate, complete, and updated information.
    • Privacy policy outlining the use of personal data = It is the members responsibility to read the privacy policy info.
    • Payment details such as membership or subscription fees = There are no payment membership fees or subscription fees.
    • Opt-out policy describing the procedure for account termination (if available) = To opt-out of our newsletter go to your account page / Newsletter Pro Settings tab and un-check the sign up newsletter box. To opt-out of account contact us by email and request to have account closed. We simply can turn off the ability to log in but your info will remain on our database for legal purposes and if you want to re-enable your account.
  • Whether users will be notified upon modification of terms = Members will NOT be notified of modified terms. There most likely will be no changes for terms.
  • Legal notice  = By agreeing to our "Terms of service" during the purchase checkout and payment process you are agreeing to our "Legal Notice" terms and "End-User License Agreement" terms.  During installation using Flysimware's auto installer you're again agreeing to our "End-User License Agreement" by checking the "End-User License Agreement" box to proceed with installation. Visit our Legal Notice page for detailed information.
  • Refund or return policy = There are NO REFUNDS for digital software. By agreeing to our "Terms of service" during the purchase checkout and payment process you are agreeing to no refund. Once you purchase our software there is no way for you to return this product and therefor we can't offer any type of refund.