Payware integrated panels!

GTN 750 and WX Advantage radar instructions :

Steam Edition / P3D installer help!

Steam Edition instructions:
P3D instructions:
Steam Edition crashes when i load your product:


Installer help!

Product installer issues:

Download & Update help!

Patches and Updates

Sim issues!

"Creation - Failed. Check if sound file is available"
  • If you get this message and then the sim crashes. You must use the installer to install the product or you will be missing custom sounds and this will cause a creation failed. Another reason this could happen is if you have no speakers or headset plugged into your computer. Because again our custom sounds use the computers sound system through our DLL and not the sim itself. So there must be active sound using windows or it will fail and the sim will crash. To check this error click any toggle switch.

    Missing gauges /skin / textures are not loading on my aircraft:

    Product help!

    How to create light switches for keyboard or hardware that FSX does not include.
    Learjet cabin pressure system not working.
    C441 throttle levers are returning to idle after i move them forward: / I have no power to take off using the C441:
    Flying tips repeat messages:
    The panel looks blury and not sharp like in the photo samples:
    I installed animated gates and can't find the gate at any location:
    Why are my FPS slow on the exterior model?
    GNS 530 GPS Help!
    The Super Huey will not start:
    The Super Huey, Mosquito XE3, Cessna 195 and the Bell 47 have no sound using P3D:
    The Learjet 35A seems to steer reversed! "Lear 35A reverse steering":
    The ERCO Ercoupe 415C has no rudder control:
    The Velocity XL will not steer from the rudder control: Bought from the Steam Store!
    Dangerous Flight Alaska Tundra Mission does not load mission but starts at airport with an empty kneeboard. No explosion or voice for the intro.